KILOGEAR FITNESS is a strategic workout program designed by doctors, trainers and professional dancers to address the specific needs of an Irish dancing athlete.

I'm A Dancer. I'm An Athlete. And I Can Prove It.

Why KILOGEAR Fitness?

Irish Dance costumes can weigh over 5 pounds. Dancers typically do not train with "extra" load safely. This results in faster fatigue and poor performance. KILOGEAR Fitness works KILOGEAR to unlock next level training that is designed specifically for the elite Irish dancer. KILOGEAR Fitness is a year long program designed to address all functional and athletic areas of the Irish dancer. Our programs incorporate specific exercise movements that increase muscle activity and increase the level of intensity so dancers can be faster, jump higher, reduce injuries and be stronger for longer. KILOGEAR CUT enables dancers to perform at their peak for an entire performance.

World Class Training Available at Your Fingertips

KILOGEAR Fitness is an elite conditioning and training tool that allows you to train anywhere, at any time. KILOGEAR Fitness works with your KILOGEAR to complement the work done in dance class. KILOGEAR Fitness targets key muscle groups to improve posture, core strength, mobility, stability power and power endurance.

Improve Mobility, Stability and Core Strength


Targets and Develops Key Muscle Groups


Increases Power and Endurance

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Watch our videos in our app on your mobile phone

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